Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fowl Play + Twisted

I got a little behind in posting my adventures in nail polish, mostly due to my recently going through books like I'm a starved woman who finds sustenance in the pages.  Oh yeah, I have another book review to post.  Again.  Already.  *smh*  Luckily, I have been documenting all the manicures so I can take this lovely (but chilly) Sunday and play catch up.  Not like I should be cleaning, or anything... *shifty eyes*  What? Nothing....

On to the polish!

I have always been drawn to new and "unusual" things, so when I first heard about and saw swatches of Fowl Play, my inner artist/rebel sat up and paid attention.  It's a glorious deep purple jelly polish, intermixed with blue and silver glitter, and orange and blue flakies.  I *love* me some flakies.  Of course, when I was able to get my hands on this polish I had recently also gotten most of the FingerPaints Special Effects flakies.  Which means I was putting them on top of EVERYTHING.  Fowl Play is yummy on its own, but I saw a wonderful opportunity to add more sparkle by adding a layer of Twisted on top.  I was quite satisfied with how the two blended together, and I can see me wearing this again in the future.

Orly Fowl Play (two coats), FingerPaints Twisted (one coat), and the usual adhesive base coat and Seche Vite top coat.  Photo taken indoors, under fluorescent lighting.

Unfortunately you can see the dent on my middle finger in this one, but it gives you a better idea of how the flakes from Fowl Play blended so nicely with the flakes from Twisted.  Indoors, fluorescent lights.

Heading outside, you can see that even in indirect sunlight the flakes are still visible.  I loved the pop of color against the muted background.  Yes, even I sometimes prefer sparkle that isn't totally in your face.

And the requisite blurry shot in the sun, so you can actually see the sparkling gloriousness.  The silver and blue micro-glitter in Fowl Play is most apparent in this picture, though you can see hints of it in the indoor shots as well.

Overall, I have nothing ill to say about either of these polishes.  The wear time was also notable, as I went about 5 days (!!) without needing to redo my nails. 

I have tried and tried, but I can't find anything I love for a top coat that isn't SV. Which stinks because of the infamous glitter shrinkage. It's just so thick and glossy and brings out the colors of the polish so magnificently.  Does anyone have a top coat they recommend that is as wonderful as SV?

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